Out of Service Uhaul Box Truck FOR SALE

As an Independent Uhaul Dealer we have made arrangements to sell Surplus Used Uhaul Trucks.

1990 FORD F-350 Diesel 14 Foot Box Truck   # DC7927Y


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The Trucks we sell have been serviced by U-Haul's mechanics and released for sale.

Condition:  Class A-OK Truck.  Read the Truck Condition Class Description Below.

Mileage:  161,253 Miles shown on Odometer.  Due to mechanical repairs to the truck in the past this mileage may not be correct.  However it is representative of the use of this vehicle.

Details:  ( United States Version of Truck )





Other Items:  If any item is not shown in the pictures or listed above it is NOT included.

Viewing & Test Drive:   If you want to come see the truck and take it for a test drive then CALL and make an appointment to see and test drive the vehicle.  Valid Drivers License and Personal Motor Vehicle Insurance Required.

Delivery:  Local Pickup ONLY unless separate arrangements are made for delivery. 

Buy It NOW Price:  $ 3895   Fair market Value Asking Price  Truck #  DC3676Y

Reasonable Offers Considered  ( Acceptance or Rejection of all offers is the sole decision of Uhaul Truck Sales Division Not Computer Reset ) 

U-haul Used Truck Condition Classification Description:

  A-OK Truck  ( a U-Haul Truck Sales Condition Classification )

 Engine: Runs Average: may idle a little rough  - Transmission and rear end:  function but show some wear -  

Brakes: May be soft: may require replacement soon  -  

Cab & Body Condition: Safety Systems: missing some clearance lights, parking brake may be soft, may require replacement soon - Front End: Operates but needs alignment and balancing  -  

Interior:  Complete, looks average, seat may be torn, loose or cracked door panels, Radio may not operate properly -  Tires & Rims:  Front tires have 4/32" tread, Rear tires have 2/32" tread  -  

Van Box & Flatbed:   Structurally sound only looks rough, scrapes and scratches  -  

Options:  Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Brakes.. 

Have Fleet Needs ? ?   we can arrange for quantities of trucks CALL 

Our Trademark Motto is " Why Buy NEW - When Used Will Do !!!

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